The “to buy” list


Acquired? Quantity items Descriptions / elaboration
Baby Clothes: whatever baby showers happen will more than likely produce numerous 0-3 months clothes… pick what you need, and take the rest back for larger sizes, supposedly, they will grow quickly and aren’t as designer-conscious as most people think.
Pajamas, baby vests, sleep suits with elastic bottoms I have been told that about 6 each of these are needed to get you through without too much laundry.
3 shirt and pant sets
4 – 6 onesies
Cardigans or light jackets for extra warmth.
6 Scratch mitts and 6 pair socks keep those baby feet warm
If it’s winter, you need to get one the all-in-one snow suits and hat.
Brimmed sun hat
baby-formula sunscreen sunscreen is a clothing wear, right?
6 Bibs and burp cloths I have been told that having a plethora of these will save the kid’s clothes and yours.
Mild laundry detergent

Baby Toiletries:
small changing pads
diapers Buy big boxes, as it is more cost efficient. (But not too many newborn ones, as they will outgrow these as well.)
diaper pail
diaper bag
wipes Buy one box for the container, and then refills.
Dresser with changing area and contoured changing pad for tabletop/bed/etc.

Bath Supplies:
bath towel buy two with hoods
bath toys plus a plastic cup for rinsing and pouring
Soft Towels or a baby robe
soft brush
desitin or corona (Which is for animals and sold at feed supply stores. It has lanolin, which heals diaper rash faster than anything I’ve ever found. A nurse recommended it to me.)
infant bath tub or sling my research of some forums have turned up that some prefer slings because they are easier to store
x No tears bubble bath
x No tears shampoo
Cotton balls
Baby lotion or some form of baby moisturizer after birth babies tend to get dry skin
petroleum jelly
Baby nail clippers get small clippers that look like adult ones. (only smaller)
Changing mat one of those wipe clean plastic ones.

Baby Furniture/electronics/linens:
x Sling or Front carrier I was told to check out getting both…
Car seat Buy these new, as regulations change, and you don’t know if there are any drops/accidents/etc. with used ones.
Sun screen for car window
Moses basket, swinging crib some kids like these, others, not so much
Crib 2 positions, one high, one low when the kid starts sitting up
x Sheets and blankets please check the size that you will need and buy accordingly.
x 4 – 6 receiving blankets buy 4 to 6 because they need to be swaddled… is that a real word?
x sheets at least two for when your baby poops or throws up on one
4 fitted sheets for crib, for “accidents”
sheet protector or mattress pad
A mobile or toy to hang over the cot, something that plays music
x Bassinet to keep baby closer longer
High chair
bounce chair I know of one kid who slept in his the first three months because he was elevated and it helped his acid reflux
glider chair most babies love the rocking motion, (but safer than a rocking chair which can pinch fingers)
Small hamper
baby carrier get one of the ones that converts to stroller/car seat.
Stroller if you exercise, get one of the jogger ones.
A baby monitor because you can’t be in the same room all of the time… Actually, I was thinking about getting a wireless video camera set up in there, something with pan, tilt, and zoom.
stationary activity center
x toy storage – (toy chest or something similar)

Baby Feeding time:
Breast pump if you intend to breastfeed this will come in handy – some women have found hand pumps worked better than electric
Bottles these things depend on whether you are breastfeeding or not, but 1 or 2 are nice even if you plan on breastfeeding in case you can’t breastfeed at all times. There are a vast variety available, have a good look around and ask the store people advice on which are the best, but make sure that they are BPA free.
Formula milk, either powder or ready made
disposable bottle liners
Bottle warmer, much safer than the microwave which can leave ‘hotspots’ in the milk
Sterilizer, either steam or cold water. If you choose cold water sterilizing then you’ll need sterilizing fluid
Bottle brush, with nipple brush buy a couple, they wear out
x dishwasher basket for nipples and rings
Bottle drying rack
Spare teats
4-5 Soothers, dummies, pacifiers Whatever they are called where you are…

Toys and Board Books:
teething rings
toys with bright colors and music
2 – 3 rubber toys for chewing
soft toys for cuddling