Fitness: Strep Throat sucks!

The last few days I have been sick as a dog… today was the first day I could swallow something other than Ramen noodles that were finely crunched up prior to cooking.  I just couldn’t swallow anything other than that or just plain broth.  This morning I had Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and two slices of bread.  (Dipped in the soup… god knows I probably would have choked if it weren’t… but still, it’s progress.)

I’ve also quarantined myself away from Blaze, only touching him through latex gloves, holding him with fresh, clean clothes, and wearing a mask at all times around him.  Consciously, I know that I was actually more contagious before I was symptomatic, but that still doesn’t mean I want to take the chance of making him feel as bad as I do.

Well, I’m going to cut this short and take a nap…


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