Well, it looks like I’m unemployed again…

Word to the wise… when you realize you’re in a argument with a crazy person, stop. When you realize that person is your CIO, try to become invisible.

Talk about a career limiting move.  Suffice it to say, after the Jan 6th meeting didn’t go well, and the CIO has been seething ever since… and today he got rid of the persistent Sox PM that had been plaguing him. (Me.)

Like King Henry II, “Will no one rid me of this pestilential PM?” <paraphrased>  And my bosses boss was more than ready to sell me up the river.

(I just wished that I didn’t like the place and people I worked with so much! Other than him, it was pretty peachy there. I could definitely see myself staying there quite awhile… I had a manager that I liked and could learn from, I had great coworkers, and free coffee… Dang!)

Well, intrepid travellers, all is not lost, it’s always darkest before the dawn.  Like in “Oh the Places You’ll Go”  I’m in a slump.  Unslumping yourself isn’t easy, but I’m the brainiest and footiest person around.  :-)

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