Crafting: A little something for Kim… done!

Yeah, I finished the Pumpkin this evening while watching stuff on the DVR after Kim went to bed.  Man, am I tired.  Notice in this video, I actually figured out a couple of the controls on the Movie Maker software that was in “Accessories” in my computer.  (A step up from the software that came with the camera… but what can you expect, it was only twenty bucks.)

I think that it turned out pretty neat, though I’m going to have to get some different LED’s to light this thing… the red one is a little too weird for my tastes.  (And that is saying a lot…)

Going to bed now.  One last shout-out to Phototaryn over at for making the template.(

Ultrasound pumpkin

It's not my imagination is it? With the red light, it's kinda creepy...

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