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Fitness: Strep Throat sucks!

The last few days I have been sick as a dog… today was the first day I could swallow something other than Ramen noodles that were finely crunched up prior to cooking.  I just couldn’t swallow anything other than that … Continue reading

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Fitness: Well, now I have to live longer, (or at least try to…)

Luckily, I’ve been working on this this year… At Con of the North, we walked up a couple of flights of stairs, and while I was carrying about 50 lbs of books, I was out of breath.  While the guys … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well, welcome to my blog.  I recently found out about the coming of my first child.  We waited until after the first trimester to tell anyone, (as is prudent,) and I waited until the results came back from the amnio … Continue reading

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